The structure of the standard figure-eight self-supporting stranded optical cable is that single-mode or multi-mode optical fiber is sheathed in a loose tube made of high modulus plastic, and the tube is filled with water blocking compound. The center of the cable core is a metal reinforced core. For certain fiber optic cables, a layer of polyethylene needs to be squeezed outside the metal reinforced core. The loose tube (and filler rope) is twisted around the central reinforced core to form a compact and round cable core, the gap in the cable core is filled with water blocking filler. The cable core is longitudinally wrapped with steel-plastic composite tape, and placed in parallel with the steel strands while extruding a figure-eight sheath into a cable.


Product Parameter 

No. of cable 12
Design(Fiber/Tube) 12×1
Fiber type G.652D
Attenuation coefficient 1310nm ≤0.35 dB/Km
1550nm ≤0.21 dB/Km
Loose Tube Material PBT
Diameter(±0.06)mm 1.8
Thickness(±0.03)mm 0.32
The Max.Core NO./Tube 6
Strength Member(Material) Galvanized Steel/φ0.9×3
Armor layer(Material)   Steel Strip
Filler Rope    (Material/Diameter)  mm LDPE/1.8
Outer Sheath(1) Material MDPE
Thickness(±0.1)mm 1.8
Outer Sheath(2) Material MDPE
  Thickness(±0.1)mm 1.5
Web Material MDPE
  Size(±0.1)mm 2.5*3.0
Cable Diameter mm 9.5×17.8 steel wire
Cable Weight  KG/KM 160

Download Brosur: GYXTC8S-12B1.3 12CORE